3 Pc. Musical Gothic Gargoyle Figural Clock Set

3 Pc. Musical Gothic Gargoyle Figural Clock Set

April 27 2013 Clock Auction – Lot 239

3 Pc. Musical Gothic Gargoyle Figural Clock Set. The clock case has a large winged demonic figure seated on top of a base drum on a stand, holding a mallet in one hand raised overhead and a cymbal strapped to the other, the drum is mounted on a stand formed from branches tied together and winged griffin side mounts; the candlestick side pieces have matching figures leaning beside a lamp post with candle holder top, one plays a mandolin and the other a violin, the figures stand in dramatic poses with fantastic facial expressions, wearing a red cap and red robe cinched at the waist by a belt, they have a dark painted finish with red highlights on white metal. The timepiece is contained within the base drum, has a 3 in. porcelain chapter ring with black Arabic hour numbers, diamond hands and brass bezel with beveled door glass; typical round French brass movement with half hour strike on a steel bell, exposed pendulum bob below resembles a spider web. 19 in. high x 15 in. wide x 8 in. deep.

Estimate:     4,000.00 – 6,000.00

Name     April 27, 2013 Antique Clock Auction
Date(s)     Saturday, April 27
Preview: Friday 10-5, Saturday 8-11
Auction: Saturday, April 27th at 11AM
Checkout: Saturday, April 27th at 4PM
Location     1485 West Housatonic Street, Route 20
Pittsfield, MA

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