August 15, 2009

Lot 615
3" ordinance rifle that has been re-bored and mounted on a wide wooden carriage. Wood wheels are 52" tall with 14 spokes and iron rims 2.25" wide. Cannon and carriage is 78" wide from outside hub to outside hub. Tube is approximately 73" from muzzle to breech and this one was captured by the Confederates early in the war. The US which is stamped between the trunnions has been over-stamped with the Confederate stars and bars. Starting at the touch hole is the enscription "Stonewalls Pride" with an arrow pointing to the stars and bars. These letters are carved fairly deeply into the metal. The wood stock or trail is approximately 8 long and has a pintle hook and two iron loops for adjusting the aim. Carriage and wheels have been painted a nice buff color and all metal has been painted black. A wonderfully historic cannon that exemplifies the pride Confederate soldiers had for their cause and their leaders.
Estimate $50,000 - 75,000.
Realized $17,250.00